Is your flexibility as clear as you think it is?

Touching your toesTouching your toes demonstrates that you’re flexible right? Not necessarily; it could be clearly revealing the opposite! If the goal is to touch your toes in any way possible, then job well done. But if you’re trying to assess your level of flexibility, then it’s a more complicated pursuit.

Many personal trainers use what’s called the ‘sit and reach’ test. It’s basically sitting on the ground and reaching for your toes. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends ‘sit and reach’ to measure flexibility of hamstrings, hips, and lower back. The purpose of the assessment is to create a plan of action to progress. But if the mechanics of the test aren’t clear, the plan of action could well be flawed! Continue reading


Golden Morning Breakfast

Golden Morning Breakfast image It’s no secret now-a-days that the golden spice turmeric has some pretty amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is a necessary process of protection for your body. When inflammation begins to attack your own tissues however, it becomes a painful problem.

Discovering and eliminating the cause behind chronic inflammation is obviously the best course of action. Until then, curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, could be your best friend. Continue reading


Heart Awareness Therapy – can a broken heart be fixed?

Felix was the love of my life. I had no idea that our relationship would come to such a tragic end. I can still recall the gut wrenching pain in my heart the day he was hit by a car. Dad buried Felix in the back garden, next to Tweetie the budgerigar. I cried myself to sleep that night; the night I lost my first cat.

There are no age limits when it comes to heartache, but is heartache pain real, or is it only imagined? Can the experience called ‘heartache’ actually damage your physical body? My research has revealed that the answer to both questions is “yes”; heartache pain is real, physical, and in some cases potentially dangerous!

The symptoms of heartache are not just emotional; they are definitely physical as well. Broken Heart Syndrome has been recognized in the medical profession for some years now. Clinically the condition is called Stress Cardiomyopathy, or Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy. Dr. Hunter Champion, a heart failure cardiologist at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s pulmonary vascular disease program, claims to have come across over two hundred cases of Stress Cardiomyopathy in his career. Continue reading


Feeling Blue? Try Color Therapy!

A Double Rainbow!

It’s 1969 and my parents have finally given me and my sister the go ahead to paint the bedroom that we share. My first choice is yellow, but my little sister gags at such a bright color. So we agree on the popular shade of the decade – purple. It is less than a month before my parents are changing the walls back to white. Living in that dark purple cave caused me to have terrifying nightmares. My first experience of the affect that color has on the psyche was far from a pleasant one! Continue reading


What is Yoga Therapy – and what can it do for you!

The purpose of therapy is to heal what ails you. In the medical profession today therapy has become departmentalized; each therapy addressing a specific area of the individual. When you damage your right knee, a physical therapist will rehabilitate your right knee. However, the rest of your body is now out of balance due to the injury, leading to further problems weeks, months, or even years down the road. By addressing the issues that were there prior to the injury, and resolving the ones caused because of it, you could prevent it from happening again!

A group Yoga class instructor is limited by time and the number of students attending. She cannot devote the necessary attention required to each student to ensure that they execute each posture correctly. The Yoga Therapist takes an individual one-on-one and assesses his or her current balance, strength and muscle tension. Imbalance in these areas can lead to weakness, chronic pain, impaired concentration, and lack of agility. Yoga Therapy is tailored to the needs of the individual based on the results of a personalized assessment. Continue reading


Animal Assisted Therapy

The family dog wasn’t allowed on the couch, according to the rule set by my parents anyway. But then rules are made to be broken. I couldn’t resist cuddling up with the fluffy shepherd mix; there was just something indescribably comforting about it. I was too young back then to understand what I was experiencing, and the word ‘therapy’ wasn’t even in my vocabulary. Today Animal Assisted Therapy is popping up in medical institutions, schools, and nursing homes all over the world. Animals have been helping humans to heal however, long before it was ever recognized and designated as a therapy. Continue reading


Rage on the roads

It fascinates me how a comedian can take a subject that isn’t remotely funny, and make people laugh about it. Just the other night I was at a show where the comic had the audience laughing about road rage. Although I don’t find the subject amusing, it did get me to thinking about it. How does road ‘anger’ such as swearing at the fool who cuts you off, evolve into chasing him down with a shot gun? It seems to me that when you drive off in your car you are entering into a ‘no man’s land’ for suppressed emotional expression! Continue reading


The National Food of America – boy are we in trouble!

If I have to be in the waiting room at the auto shop for a while, I usually take a book with me to pass the time. When I took my car in last week though, I planned to hitch a ride home with the courtesy driver so I could get some work done. Finding out on my arrival there that the courtesy driver was out that day, left me an unhappy camper in the repair shop waiting room.

I flicked through ‘Home and Garden’. Then I searched for an article in ‘Vogue’ amidst the full-page advertisements, and tried to tune out ‘Family Feud,’ a game show that was playing on the TV. Suddenly one of the questions caught my attention. I tossed the ‘Vogue’ down on top of the Carrollwood Gazette, and turned to the TV to listen thinking to myself, “oh, this is going to be good…” Continue reading


Cutting The Tension

The five thousand people packed into the arena are so quiet that you can hear the hum of a distant airplane. The player prepares to kick the ball, and as the spectators hold their breath you can cut the tension with a knife. The ball soars up into the air, and for just a moment time appears to be standing still. Then with a sudden explosive roar from the crowd the moment is over. Heaving a sigh of relief the spectators drop back into their seats and relax.

The tension experienced by the crowd in the previous scenario was created by the fight or flight response of the nervous system. It is the same mechanism that causes a deer to stand transfixed by car headlights in the middle of the road. Just like that deer in the headlights, no matter how important you believe your job to be, or how technical your toys are, you are still a member of the animal kingdom. Continue reading


Remember it Well

Two years ago my sister Pat caught a virus that caused her to lose her memory. After several weeks her memory began to return, but there was still something about her that was different to me. It was the little things that changed from how I remembered her, such as how she answered the telephone. It gave me cause to ask myself how large a part did memory play in our relationship to each other? If I suddenly lost my memory, would I become a different person now? And more profoundly, is it our memories that define who we are? Continue reading