Words of support:

Haywood County Schools, 1230 N. Main Street, Waynesville, NC 28786

Excerpt from a letter written by the HR Director on November 6th, 2002, regarding a presentation of yoga theory and practice.

Dear Ms. Bott:

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with our administrators, teachers, and assistant teachers on October 16th. We
had an excellent day because of you.

After reading the evaluations, it is clear that participants found the session very beneficial. I have enclosed the evaluations so that you
may see how positively the group responded. As you will notice, several participants suggested that we schedule a follow-up.
Therefore, we hope that you will be willing to return and expand your topic. We appreciate the time and effort that you put into your
She [Maria] is so very engaged in what she does. She makes you feel like the most important client she has! My fiancée has been in
terrible pain in his neck and back. Maria is making such a difference. How do you repay someone for helping you eliminate pain?  You
just can't!  And he has had this problem for YEARS. She talks to you. She makes sure she is working for YOU. There are a lot of
different options on what she can work with and she makes sure you get full value for her services. (note:  I have approximately 1400
people that report to me; and I have managed multi million dollar customers.) She talks to you. She makes sure she is working for
YOU. I am very selective of the people that work for me, and with me. I would hire Maria in a split second to service any customer! She
knows the value of caring for and about her customers.

Her heart is as pure as gold. She gives her time to charities. (Should that matter? No, but it does make a statement about her.) Oh,
and for me?  I have a lot of stress and other needs. I have learned so much from her. I love going and feel terrific when I leave. I only
met her and started lessons about 6 weeks ago, and I am just so amazed. Did I mention she is an EXPERT in her field?? I know I did!
Just wanted to be sure you remembered that...

TRY HER! One consultation, and you will be convinced. Thank you Maria. You are wonderful."  Irma P.

"I had the pleasure of working along side Maria Bott for over a year prior to reaching out for her guidance. While pursuing alternatives
to modern medicine for my fibroid tumor, I learned of her abilities to aid the body through mindfulness.  Already a proponent of holistic
health, I knew Maria would be a perfect fit! Not only is Maria one of the most genuine souls I've met, but her insight and wisdom are
second to none!  Within the first 20 minutes of our life coaching session, she pinpointed my deepest issues providing guidance on
how to reshape my self image and world view.  She offers invaluable insight, untethered by personal gain, motivated by a lifetime of
experience and a genuine interest in improving lives. Maria is a true gem, and a life coach I will enjoy growing from in the times to
come!"  Nikki B.

"I have had two spinal surgeries and am fused from C4 to C6. Maria's knowledge, patience, and encouragement have made it
possible for me to grow physically and yes, mentally. My body is much stronger and more subtle now."  Marsha S.

"Maria's expertise in exercise physiology and her limitless variety of approaches blew me away! Her method of challenging and
motivating me was thankfully subtle, yet strong."  Valeria S.

"I've learned to use proper body mechanics when lifting and carrying objects. I now feel I can tackle household chores and trips to the
store without hurting myself."  Lana L.

"I didn't know what to expect when I started the weekly yoga classes given by Maria Bott. I had let myself get out of shape, and was
over weight. I was also suffering from the effects of nerve damage from a back and hip injury. That was almost a year ago. Today, as I
look back I wonder why I was worried about anything. Maria's knowledge and expertise in dealing with injuries and imbalance, along
with her patience with beginners was just what I needed to start on my journey into wellness. Even though there were different levels
of students in the class I attended, she always managed to challenge each of us on an individual basis. The only thing I regret is not
taking her classes sooner!"  Cherie B.

"Working with Maria was one of the best investments that I have ever made. Maria was able to show me how to exercise without
aggravating my problem areas. She was very knowledgeable in the way the body works, and was encouraging and fun to work with. I
highly recommend her."  Arlene J.

"I have been working with Maria for a few weeks now and cannot say enough about how helpful she has been to me, whether it be
working with past issues, present issues, removing emotional blockages, or just dealing with life in general. I have also taken Reiki I
from her and am working towards Reiki II. She is an excellent teacher and healer, and her intuitive abilities are incredible. I feel very
fortunate to have found her and absolutely would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone."  Jan J.