Questions and Answers
Q. What exactly is Blissful Body Life Coaching?

A. BBLC (Blissful Body Life Coaching) is the result of over three decades of combining a variety of modalities. The
creator of BBLC, Maria Bott, began her career in the early 1980's as an intuitive hypnotherapist. To be more
helpful to her clients, Maria added yoga, personal training, and energy healing to her practice.

Q. Does BBLC have a particular area of expertise?

A. BBLC has been particularly successful in helping people with physical and emotional chronic pain. This is
particularly the case when all other modalities have failed to provide lasting relief. BBLC seeks to uncover the
underlying cause of the chronic pain, as well as to relieve the symptoms.

Q. With so many modalities available, how do you know where to start?

A. The initial assessment provides the information necessary to create the first session. Each session is based on
the needs and goals of the individual. The modalities utilized by BBLC actually compliment each other really well.
The results speak for themselves, as you will read on the testimonials page.

Q. Will I be put on a pre-created program from a library?

A. Aches, pains, and fitness goals are not unique to any particular individual. However, body structure, movement
patterns, habits, lifestyle, and stress responses are uniquely personal. Each program is tailored to the needs and
goals of the individual client.

Q. What if I just want one modality, such as Life Coaching. Is that option available for me?

A. Absolutely! Each modality has it's own benefits and rewards that can stand alone. Life Coaching is an excellent
choice, as it has the potential to reveal emotional as well as physical problem patterns.

Q. What can BBLC do for me that I can't get from a group yoga class, or from working out at a gym?

A. How you sit, stand, and handle stress all have an impact  upon your posture. When you walk into a class or the
gym, your posture will continue to reflect your personal habits and movements patterns. This is why an athlete or
body builder can still be plagued with chronic pain. BBLC reveals the origins of underlying problems that can
worsen if not properly corrected.

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