The Journey
The beginning
Maria Bott was born with a passion for sports. In high school she excelled at long jump, netball, and
hockey, until in her final year Palindromic Rheumatism diminished her ability. Despite her struggles
with this painful auto-immune disease, Maria went ahead to take first place at a United Kingdom
Tai-Kwon-Do Association tournament. It was because of her own experiences that she began to study
the science of Yoga, and the mind, body, spirit connection to dis-ease.
Maria's Bio and Certifications
The momentum
Maria learned trauma release techniques at the Institute of Hypnosis and Parapsychology in her native England. She used hypnosis to
help her clients with mental and physical trauma related stress at her private practice in Rugby. Maria wrote and presented her first
wellness workshop in 1983. In her role as Director of Training for the Institute, Maria had the opportunity to pass her skills and
knowledge on to the new practitioners.
The move
In 1986 Maria moved to the United States, where she added certifications in Personal Training, and Post Rehabilitative Exercise to
her Yoga experience. Her passion for wellness first led to Florida, and then to North Carolina where she was the first person to teach
Yoga at the Haywood Regional Hospital, and the Waynesville Recreation Center. Today Maria is back in Florida, where she combines
her years of experience in Yoga, Exercise Training, and Hypnosis to work with people at all levels of wellness.
Certified Yoga Instructor

  • American College of Sports Medicine:
Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer

Post Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist